Content marketing is no longer a differentiator.

With so much content being created, it is harder than ever to capture the attention of the people that you want to speak to.

Content marketing was born so that brands could disintermediate publishers, gain direct access to audiences and avoid having to compete with advertisers. But, are brands doing the job as well as publishers? We’d say no. We’d say that most brands have lost the kernel that once made publishers so successful.

For publishers, the content is the product. They build an audience. They monetise that audience. Every type of content has its own business model and a clearly defined revenue stream. What they don't do is create content first and then decide how to extract value from it.

We help professional services marketing teams think more like publishers, by seeing their content as a product.

Get heard

Everyone in professional services and technology is doing content marketing. We'll help you do it properly by applying product thinking and publishing rigour.

Identify what REALLY matters

Ozzy Osbourne and King Charles III were both born in 1948 and holiday in the Alps... We don’t believe in personas. We focus on jobs.

Review. Refine. Repeat.

Quality trumps quantity. Applying product thinking to your content marketing enables you to benchmark and continuously optimise your content.

How do we help?

We combine publishing rigour and product thinking to help professional services and technology marketing teams create content that has a purpose and generates measurable value for their organisations.

What's product thinking?

In a nutshell, it's about embedding some guiding principles into everything that you create: 

  • Content has a defined purpose and solves specific audience problems
  • Content is continually analysed, developed and improved as part of a wider portfolio
  • Content creation transcends service and team boundaries, just as audiences do
  • Content isn’t created unless there’s a clearly defined revenue (or data) stream

Why apply product thinking to your content marketing? 

  • Build engaged audiences, generate more leads and happier clients
  • Discover new and innovative content types, and constantly improve your understanding of audience needs
  • Elevate content creation to transcend service and team boundaries, just as audiences do
  • Improve internal collaboration and see more cross-selling and upselling opportunities
  • Quantify ROI, gain access to more first-party data and improve reporting lower down the funnel

"We've achieved amazing things in digital. We've still got a big mountain to climb, but Compound is the partner to do it with"

Go beyond content marketing

Fantastic content marketing is born from a deep understanding of what makes your audiences tick, the jobs they have to do and the steps they go through along the way. 

If you have that understanding, why stop at content? 


Beyond content

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