Efficio: Positioned for growth on JUMPSuite Enterprise

Mike Barrett

A new look and stronger positioning delivered via a cutting-edge tech stack.


Global leaders in procurement and supply chain management, Efficio is the largest independent consultancy of its type in the world.

Since launching a new website with the team in 2015, we’ve delivered full UK, US, DE, FR and IT multi-lingual sites, rolled out interactive surveying and benchmarking tools and delivered sector-leading digital thought leadership reports. 

The business has more than doubled in size over the past five years, featuring in The Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200, the FT:1000 list of Europe’s fastest-growing companies, and both the Financial Times and Forbes’ global lists of Leading Management Consultants.

After years of incremental change, it was time to reevaluate the brand and reposition the business for its next phase of growth.


Efficio appointed Talisman Sparro to lead the repositioning and rebranding programme.

The repositioning project and website rebuild overlapped, and we worked closely with Talisman Sparro, applying our audience-centric value proposition design process to help the Efficio team identify five core messaging pillars that would go on to underpin the new brand.  

"I think they’re really strong at building collaborative relationships, partnerships with businesses and other agencies, and really sharing in that collective responsibility for the task in hand"

Vicky Cunningham, Marketing Director - Efficio

Audience focus

We helped Efficio move beyond sectors and services and focus instead on core client challenges.

Through a series of value proposition design workshops, focusing on specific audience jobs rather than personas, we identified that everything Efficio does is geared toward solving five core client problems. These became our ‘How we help’ pillars.

These client problems define the architecture for the new website; rather than leading with services, everything is structured to highlight how Efficio partners with clients to solve these problems. 

Service lines remain but with a new position in the hierarchy, supporting the core content pillars.

This change puts the focus on Efficio’s unique ability to deliver sustained client success. Enabling prospects to see Efficio’s services in the broader context of why they matter and how they create value.

Content drives modern websites and also our process. From the initial scoping workshops through the design, build and test stages, we create a unified direction.

Aligned with the new “Partners in Progress” brand platform and the five core client challenges, the team now has a framework for creating content that transcends service boundaries, resonates with client experiences and adds value. 

"We now have more control and can efficiently modify and create new assets on the website without the need for extensive technical expertise."

Alberto Alchieri, Senior Digital Marketing Manager - Efficio

Website build

We took the new creative concepts from Talisman and translated these into beautiful, usable digital experiences to help Efficio stand out visually and functionally.

Under the clean new creative, there’s an upgraded tech stack; we deployed the latest iteration of our content marketing platform - JUMPSuite Enterprise. 

JUMPSuite Enterprise is modular, scalable and built for content marketing, offering numerous benefits for the Efficio team: 

  • A simplified editorial interface allows non-technical users to quickly and easily create compelling article content and elegant interactive landing pages.
  • Our storytelling article functionality enables the team to create their periodic thought leadership publication, “The Source”. This highly effective campaign content is given a unique identity housed in a site within their main website. 
  • Advanced versioning supports collaborative content creation across Efficio’s international content teams.
  • JUMPSuite's dynamic content promotion tool, an internal' Ad network', enables the marketing team to instantly promote the latest and greatest campaigns across all relevant site content.
  • The upgrade to JUMPSuite enterprise gives the team reassurance that the product has long-term support for the next five years and beyond. 

"The modular approach enables us to maintain consistency and gives us levels of flexibility, speed, and precision that weren't easy to achieve with the old website."

Alberto Alchieri, Senior Digital Marketing Manager - Efficio

The result: engagement up by 81%

This project has helped Efficio shake things up and stand out as the only remaining independent specialist consultancy in the procurement and supply chain consultancy marketplace.

The introduction of revised positioning, galvanising core messaging pillars, clean new creative and an upgraded tech stack has honed client focus, improved user experience and created a platform for long-term growth. 

The data shows the real impact. Traffic is up 41% year on year, and on-site engagement has increased by 81% since the new brand and website were launched.

Next steps

The website and brand have been relaunched, but the project is not over. We’re working with Efficio to build further from this new foundation: 

  • We’re helping the team create an overarching analytics strategy that aligns with the core content pillars. We’ll utilise dashboards and interactive data tools to improve agility and ensure the right people across the business have the insight that they need.

  • We’ll be integrating generative AI into the CMS and their editorial process this will help the team quickly and efficiently generate and optimise meta information.

  • We’re building new editorial tools that will enable to team to create interactive charts and animations easily, removing the complexity from digital motion design.

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