Who are we?

We are an experienced team of digital professionals with years of experience working for big agencies and publishers.

We now work as a flexible, highly skilled project team where each partner is an expert in their field. Our combined experience encompasses editorial, design, user experience, software engineering, artificial intelligence and analytics.

All our work comes via referral so we have no sales and marketing costs. We don’t have expensive offices. We work from shared workspaces and home offices in London, Florence, Moscow, Prague and New Delhi.

As a result, our clients get the very best expertise at a competitive price.

What makes us different?

We work in a crowded market that includes digital agencies, boutique content marketing experts and all manner of organisations in between.

What makes us different is our background in digital publishing.

Fundamentally, we are content people. We believe that great content is the key to effective marketing. That view frames our approach to our consulting, technology and analytics services.

We are doers rather than advisers, experts rather than generalists, and we deliver results, not reports.

Some of our partners