Tackling the right projects

Effective content marketing is multi-channel: going beyond the new website project, email newsletter strategy and Adwords campaigns.

With so many options, and limited marketing resources, determining which projects to tackle can be a daunting prospect.

We employ a simple but comprehensive framework, guiding your team through a structured process to create a clear, prioritised content marketing program.

With that in place, we then help you create effective project plans to deliver the program and RFP documents to help you select the best partners.

If you would like to find out more about our scoping workshops, why not get in touch?

Delivering results

We work with some of the best content creators in their fields and some truly creative marketing minds.

Although content marketing isn’t new, the in-house knowledge and experience required to deliver multi-channel content programs is often scarce. Web redesign projects, often the catalyst for a review of the content marketing process, only come along every four or five years.

Our “Content-led design” process helps guide your team through the delivery of complex, user-focused content experiences.

We are equally comfortable working alongside your existing suppliers or running the design and build project for you.

Optimising performance

Hitting the publish button in your content management system is just the start of a process that includes measuring, benchmarking and optimising your content.

At the heart of our measurement framework is the concept of content benchmarking. We take a small number of key metrics and combine them with external data about the content (such as topic, author and word count).

We then use the latest data visualisation tools to identify patterns and trends. The resulting benchmarks provide you with instant, actionable insight to improve current and future content.

Smart data, visualised.

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