"Marketing and innovation are essentially the same thing.  There are two ways you can create value in the marketplace:

You can either find out what people want and figure out a really clever way to make it.

Or you can determine what you can make and find a really clever way to make people want it.

The money you make is indistinguishable, regardless of the direction of travel of that process. Therefore, it isn't necessary to introduce a new product to be innovative. Another facet of innovation is taking an existing product and presenting, pricing, positioning, or framing it in a completely different way."

Rory Sutherland
Vice Chairman, Ogilvy UK

Our Lean Innovation process

Create winning ideas

The ideas and best practices from the Lean startup movement have guided many of the world's most successful organisations.

We have adapted and distilled these for you, the B2B marketeer, to help you and your team create winning ideas and drive meaningful change.

@Sam - Need to tweak this to say it's bringing together the best from publishing and  lean to b2b marketing

Maximise your ROI

Our process is systematic; it helps you understand what your audiences really want and discover new opportunities to meet their needs. You'll gain clarity on what to do when, whilst de-risking your investment through rigorous prioritisation and testing.

Our process enables you to objectively identify which 'good' ideas are the 'right' ideas. Then, it drives efficient scoping and transparent delivery to help you generate maximum value.

A proven methodology

The methodology we use is proven to work. It has been tested across thousands of projects worldwide and has consistently demonstrated its ability to deliver initiatives with success rates five times higher than the industry average.

Built for your in-house teams

Our team have all worked in-house, and we know that your to-do list can range from magnificently strategic to mundanely tactical. Our process is equally effective at a project, departmental or organisational level, micro or macro. No matter the project, our process delivers value; that's why it underpins everything that we do.

@sam, I wonder if this should be labelled "Scalable?  I do think there's another angle we might have a separate panel for which is that we will teach you how to do it.  Upskilling your team or something similar.  This is worth thinking about in terms of the justification for consultancy.  We're not doing it for you. We're doing it with you.  Your team will gain new skills that embed the culture of innovation into marketing (and the business).  Actually I think that's in the pink panel below so let's use that for this text?

 How does Lean Innovation work?


Understand your audiences

You'll gain a deep and accurate understanding of your audiences by identifying and ranking the specific jobs that they need to get done. This step in the process sets the stage; it gives you the power to focus directly on the things that matter most.


Discover new ways to add value

Welcome to the idea factory. Here, you'll take your audience's most important jobs and generate strategies to make them more valuable and less painful. You'll discover new customer value propositions, products and services whilst identifying inventive ways to enhance and refine what you already do.


Test and learn / prioritise / manage?

Ideas are easy. Knowing which ones to back is where the work comes in. Our framework helps you to stay focused on what your audiences value, test assumptions and avoid unnecessary risks. Our process enables you to quantify the potential value of solutions so that you can predict what will succeed before investing your time and money.

@Sam, I think the title for this needs to have the word testing in it.  The whole thing is embedding a framework of innovation, this part is about narrowing down what will work and what won't.  The text above is fine, its just the title we need to tweak.


Deliver, iterate and improve

Incorporating the best of Design thinking and project management best practices, our process ensures your projects are scoped and delivered efficiently to generate maximum value.  Our process is iterative, with measurement at its core; once we've delivered your solution, we'll help you to test it, learn and continually improve.

Getting started

We're here to help you build a culture of innovation within your team, however when you just need to get it done, we can do it for you. We’ll add key people to your team to get the work done. Your people can learn best practices along the way. And you’ll still deliver what you need to deliver, when you need to deliver it.

@sam see my note above, also we've got a duplicate "done" in the above which sounds odd.

Client stories

Listed professional services group

Our Lean Innovation process helped the senior team identify a streamlined way to take their services to market. Initially positioned as a collection of 44 discrete service lines, we discovered that these services contribute to just three core client objectives. Our client overhauled its market positioning and business planning process to centre on these core client objectives. 

£2bn management and development consultancy

We provided an intensive programme of interim support to a global management and development consultancy.

Our Lean innovation process helped them to join up their international approach across 150 countries and ensure that th their digital strategy is based firmly on audience needs rather than an iterative improvement of what they already have.

The worlds largest procurement consultancy

After years of incremental change, it was time to reevaluate the brand and reposition the business for its next phase of growth. Our process enabled the team to move away from sectors and services and instead focus on five core client challenges. The value propositions that we devised now underpin the business's global content strategy. 

Make innovation into a science.

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