Analytics as a service

Hands up everyone who loves their monthly website reporting routine?

Us neither

Is there anything more tedious than trawling through Google Analytics reports to dig out comparisons between this period and the last?  

Every month: filtering out non-essential traffic and spam referrals; looking for trends and anomalies that might provide some insight?

Recent research shows that on average marketing teams are spending nearly four hours a month compiling reports.

All too often, those reports sit unread in our internal stakeholders’ inboxes because they are hard to interpret and contain little actionable insight.

We feel your pain.  We’ve been there: for our own web analytics and on behalf of our clients.  We’ve decided enough is enough: there has to be a better way.

It’s time to change the reputation of the monthly website report forever.

Analytics as a service?

Outsourcing your analytics frees precious internal resource to do what they do best: marketing your products and services.

As a result you’ll:

  1. Save time – Our service delivers comprehensive, ready to use reports direct to your inbox each month.
  2. Save money – We’ve invested in sophisticated data visualisation and AI tools so that you don’t have to.
  3. Have confidence – Because we filter out analytics spam and rogue traffic, you’ll always be confident that the data is accurate.
  4. Take action – Our analysts provide real insight into user activity and suggest specific ways that you can improve website performance.

We transform a monthly chore into a valuable service providing clear, actionable insight to your internal stakeholders

How does it work?

Clean the data

First we extract your data from Google Analytics and clean it to remove internal traffic and unwanted spam referrals.

Visualise trends

Raw data can be tricky to interpret so we use Tableau to create intuitive data visualisations to help you identify trends.

Add context

Natural Language Generation (a form of AI) generates a narrative explaining the charts in language everyone can understand.

Expert review

Finally, our analysts review the report, using their expertise to identify the key trends and outlining actions you should take.

Delivered to your inbox

The report is delivered to you each month as a PDF. An optional Tableau subscription allows this to be viewed as an interactive on-line report and via a dedicated app.

See below for examples.

Get in touch

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